Time to Move On

When is it Time to Move On?

How do you know when it’s time to make a change in your life? How do you know when it is time to change jobs, move to a new city, get married, get divorced? How do you know when it is time to have children, drop out of school, go back to school? How do you know when it is time to attempt to change yourself or the world? How do you know when it’s time to go into therapy or get out of therapy? Accept a guru, leave a guru, join a religion or go on a spiritual retreat? How do you know when it is time? Time to gather your courage? Time to speak your truth? Time to ask the scary questions and really listen to the answers?

And if you refuse the call to change, what price do you pay? What sorts of walls do you have to erect within yourself, what drugs or vices do you have to engage in, to blot out the sense that maybe it is really time to move on?

Life calls all of us onward. We change with every breath, whether we want to or not. We age from the moment we are conceived, and of course, we continue changing every moment from infancy through old age. We are continually cast forth from the land we know, into new territory. Whether it’s leaving childhood and becoming an adolescent, leaving adolescence and becoming an adult, leaving the world of being single and getting married, becoming a parent, having children move away, having parents die, having a brush with death--there is no avoiding change.

The biggest change life is calling you to, and the one requiring the most courage, is to step out from behind your defenses and live from your heart. Right now. While there is still time. More dramatic than traveling to the other side of the globe is to live each of your remaining moments of life in an open-hearted, grateful appreciation for this amazing world, with all its terrors and joys.

When you do answer the call, that insistent call to move on with your life, how do you handle it? How do you move with it? How do you know where to put your effort? How do you keep your mental and emotional balance while changing small or large aspects of your life? How do you stay sane? How do you deal with the ambiguity, the uncertainty of not knowing in advance where exactly you are going and how it is going to turn out? How do you deal with the bitter-sweet, or simply bitter, feelings of leaving something or someone behind? How do you handle the intense aliveness and vitality that wants to break through at such times, to help you on your journey?

I am a devotee of these crisis points. I think of them as sacred moments of awakening, when I believe all of us know in our hearts, it’s time to move on. This little book is made up of many of the worthwhile and effective tools I have discovered as I’ve dedicated myself to the path of conscious living. I welcome you to engage in the activities, stories, exercises, and illustrated charts that will guide you as you learn to know and trust when it is time for you to make a change, how to set forth on the journey, and most importantly, how to enjoy and thrive along the way.

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