Don't Wait

Don’t Wait

How much of your life is taken up with waiting for something to happen or for someone to come along? By waiting I mean that peculiar state in which we remain suspended, inactive, thinking we are readying ourselves for life at some later date. It is the sense that “Later, I will live my real life,” or “Later, when I have this something I need, then I will go out and live.”

We all have different versions of this, different stories we tell ourselves to perpetuate the waiting state. “I am lonely, and I need someone to come find me, and then I will be complete, and then I can live,” “There is something wrong with me, and when that is fixed, then I can go live,” “The things I require aren’t happening, and therefore I can’t get started living my real life.”

You might take a moment to think about your current or past version of waiting. Remember times when you did not feel truly alive? This is an uncomfortable query, but don’t shy away. Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I not happy?” or “Why don’t I feel really alive?“ or Why don’t I have the relationship I want?”

In our everyday circumstances we often tend to live as though we have unlimited time and can afford to wait. However, in any moment, you or I can realize it is time, and welcome the sense of excitement and urgency to stop procrastinating and to live life in the present. We no longer have to experience a tragedy to become aware of the preciousness of our lives.

The terrorist attacks of 9/11 brought home to all Americans, and much of the world, that our sense of “safety” is an illusion. For varying periods of time, people were shaken, their sense of themselves shattered, and they felt vulnerable. If there was anything good that came out of that terrible tragedy, it was that for a moment, people felt vulnerable and stopped taking life for granted. People were shocked into contact with their hearts.

So how do we train ourselves so that we do not need a brush with death in order to wake up and live? I suggest that we can use all kinds of life situations as signals that it’s time to step out from behind our defenses and live from the heart. Here are some situations you may want to train yourself to recognize:

• Whenever you feel stuck in the past.
• Whenever you feel blocked from living in the present.
• Whenever you don’t know how to resolve troubling relationship issues.
• Whenever you have difficulty getting through the day.
• Whenever you want to live beyond mere survival.

You can use any of these situations as a signal telling you it’s time to move on. You may need to move on emotionally, mentally or physically. With that awareness and some tools to help you open your heart you will find you can re-enter into the essence of your life with more alertness and aliveness. And you do have the option of simply not waiting for something that feels off or wrong or terribly uncomfortable and simply stand up and simply declare right now, “It’s time.” Don’t wait!

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